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Monika Rutschmann-Bodmer has experienced and survived many things in her life. She talks about what she went through, what survival strategies she taught herself and how she broke her family cycle. What has emerged from this and how she has learned to live, she reports as a speaker at lectures, specialist presentations, panel discussions and interviews, be it for universities of applied sciences, universities, as well as for expert committees, foundations, personality podcasts, radio and TV talks. Without inhibitions, she answers questions honestly and directly.

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A power book is in its making

"I have to tell my story... why? Because I have to." Monika Rutschmann-Bodmer

I am writing this book for all those affected - children, women and men. And if it helps just one person to survive, then my survival was worth it.

We look forward to authors, journalists and publishers who would like to help shape this book. For more information see here.

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